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Introducing Matt - Infinity Drumming

I specialize in helping drummers who want to learn fast, flow and have fun in the process be able to play all their favourite music and flow easily between ideas in solos or over songs. I make sure my lessons motivate students!

I make it my responsibility not just to teach, but to encourage and inspire students to want to practise. I teach how to love and get hooked to the process of playing drums!

I bring ENERGY and enthusiasm to lessons. Lively lessons mean engagement, and that means faster learning, and an enjoyable experience students want to return to.

My obsession is finding out what it is that makes the worlds best drumming education work, and helping teachers and students to get better much faster.

I do this by researching, uncovering and systemizing the key distinctions and strategies that have been proven to work again and again, and by continually seeking out the best instruction in the world, and refining my approach.

If you are trying to make that jump from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to pro, find out the strategies that really work, that the worlds best all know, and to sound amazing, develop a personal style, and express yourself clearly and fluidly then I can definitely help you.

I am particularly skilled at accelerating drumming progress and teaching students how to flow and develop the skills to be able to jam confidently and my accomplishments include:

Studied with: Berklee Professor Dave DiCenso, Berklee Professor Henrique De Almeida, Mike Dolbear, Danny Pearson, Paul Brodie, Roy Neal, Keith Bartlett and Ron Vint.

Met with and learned from world class players in Masterclasses and clinics like; Jojo Mayer, Virgil Donati, Stanton Moore, Matt Garstka, and more.

Spent thousands upon thousands on courses and books, so I have a library of resources, as well as my own well researched and organised proprietary courses and methods.

Work History:

- Playing drums since 1996. Started playing shows a paid working drummer just 3 years later in 1999 when I was 15 years old, playing various pubs, clubs, and festival dates ever since.
- Started teaching on and off in 2001, and went in to teaching as a career in 2012
- 5 Years Drum Workshop Leader for the UK's 2nd Biggest Music Superstore (Absolute Music) Session Musician
- Peripetetic Teacher in 2 Mainstream Schools
- Assistant Coach and Examiner for Berklee Professor Henrique De Almeida - Berklee and it's history of teachers is one of if not the foremost lineages in the world, and responsible for players such as Vinnie Colliuta, Steve Smith, Tony Williams, Matt Garstka, and moany many more.

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

- Trinity/Guildhall Grades 3,5 and 8 all with Distinction
- Drumsense Level 1 Instructor Certificate
Certified by Berklee Professor Henrique De Almeida in:
- Hand/Foot Technique Level 1 and 2
- Hand Technique Level 1,2,3 and 4
- Polyrhythmic Possibilities Level 1

Other Info:

- Trained thousands of people in workshops and hundreds face to face in private lessons.
- Developer of the "Infinity Drumming System" which has helped hundreds overcome poor practise method, and transform their learning speed, as well as become confident drummers who can flow, and play passionately and intuitively.
- Have had as many as 91 students at a given time. Never had a student fail an exam, with the majority always hitting merit or disinction. 
- Started out with free drum lessons at 13 years old, with the Dorset Music Service offered in trade for joining the school orchestra, with just 20 minutes a week shared with 3 others. Ended up playing live shows in pubs at 15, with guys aged 30-40, after just 3 years of studying drums. The band was called DNA.
- Fun fact: We would play The Lord Nelson pub, and we used to have guitar player of the Kinks Dave Davies, come over and watch our shows, because he "prefered our versions of their songs". We used to play "All Day and All night" and "You Really Got me".
- Played many big venues as a band member as well as a session drummer; such as The O2 in both Bournemouth and Bristol, as well as festivals such as The Green Gathering and Camp Bestival.
- I experienced a great deal of bullying and challenges when young, and learned to use music as a positive outlet, and developed confidence through learning the drums. I now am on a mission to make sure that all people who really want to learn can access the highest quality drumming education possible.
- My goal is to level the playing field and bring world class education to the masses.

When you want to be able to play all your favourite music with energy, flow, confidence, personality and finesse, I can help you with cutting edge strategies and courses that are proven to work. I have everything you need to help you make that jump from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to pro, find out the strategies that really work, that only the world's best teachers and players know.

Learn the direct path to sound amazing, develop a personal style, and express yourself clearly and fluidly! 

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